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Remnants of a Life

Remnants of a Life

A collection of poems reflecting on life experience.

Family Plowing

Family Plowing and other Prairie Poems

A collection of new and "used" poems focusing on rural life.

Gedichte aus Prairies of Possibilities

Gedichte aus Prairies of Possibilities

A dual language (German and English) selection of poems from Prairies of Possibilities.

Escape from Earth

Escape From Earth: The Journal of a Planetary Pioneer of Murder on Makana

What might happen if a religious pioneer goes to a planet being settled by climate refugees escaping the catastrophes on Earth? An entire family attempts transit to a planet distant from Earth to find others of their faith and surprising results occur while the refugees cope with an unfamiliar world, its weather, its wildlife, its native sentient beings, a flood of additional refugees, food shortage, lack of communication and a rebellion. Can anyone return home to Earth???

Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings in the Poetry of Robert Hayden

What elements of Hayden's poetry have most critics and biographers missed because they did not deeply investigate his beliefs? They are hidden in plain sight.


Ichnographical: 173

Duane Herrmann's new poems reach from one heart to another, from a prairie poet with a global conscience. Read this work and you will not see the world, or people, the same again. Herrmann has garnered international praise for his insight into the human state.

No Known Address

No Known Address

Poems in response to the Holocaust, based on documented experience.


Wind and Will

What is it that is carried in the prairie wind? Can you hear it?

Fasting cover.jpg

Fasting: A Bahá'í Handbook

Brings together passages from the Bahá'í Writings about the Fast, with reflections by Bahá'ís on the practice of fasting, and prayers appropriate to the fasting period.


Prairies of Possibilities

Prairies of Possibilities is a mid-career survey of the poetic output of a highly versatile writer whose work has been published in more than a dozen countries in four languages. In addition to poetry he has written histories, children's stories and memoirs. He has received local, national, and international awards and recognition for his work, the Robert Hayden Poetry Fellowship among them. Praise for his poetry has come from, among others, William Stafford, one of America's premier poets of the twentieth century, and fellow Kansan. "I prize your book (Whispers Shouting Glory); it reaches out for the elements of our lives and does so in a context I know and cherish myself. Herrmann's poetry gives an inside view of one who has overcome serious obstacles that have defeated many others. These include the social isolation of a rural farm, the challenges of dyslexia and ADD, and a traumatic childhood. Despite all this, his love for God's world of nature and the Divine shines through these poems in all their glorious beauty. He interweaves the natural world with profound mystical visions. This is his ninth published collection of poems.

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