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Publication information:

Days of Paradise - pubd by: The Adirondack Center for Writing

Escape From Earth - Czykmate Productions 2018 ebook, 2019 expanded print edition

A Fair Trade - pubd on: 'I Write Her,' 'The Short of it.' June 2020

Flash Fiction - pubd in The Wagon Magazine

I Found You - - Poetica: A Journal of Contemporary Jewish Writing - Posted November 2014

Letters from the Past

On the Leavenworth Trail - pubd in: The Wagon Magazine

A Place in the Woods - pubd in: Summer Shorts II, by Durham Editing and E-Books

Proclaim the New Name - pubd in Twisting Topeka

Second Chance - pub'd in Spiritual Stories,com

Short Stories

Stepping Out - Herald of the South - Published: April/June 1998, pp.25-7

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